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Access from 11am to 4pm any day of the week. Rental includes tables, chairs, and access to the outdoor areas.

Each additional hour is $200. 

Rental does not include access to the cabin, but we encourage the rental of the cabin to extend the access of the barn and property. 

Event daily rentals open up 4 months prior to the date. Send us a message for availability. 

frequently asked questions

what is the barn capacity?

The Barn can hold up to 130 guests inside. For larger events, accessory tents may be rented from outside vendors to provide more occupancy.

How long do i have the venue the day of my event?

You have access to the entire property (excluding the cabin) from 11am to 4pm. Each additional hour is $200. We encourage you to also book the cabin.

Can I also rent the cabin?

Yes! We have the cabin listed on Airbnb and the cabin can be rented based on the current daily rate. 

What is required to book a date?

We require a $200 deposit and signed rental contract to book a date. We will send the contract via email. 

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes! If you would like to serve beer, wine, champagne, wine alternatives, and malt-based beverages, you can either hire a catering service that maintains the state-required two or three way license, or you can obtain a temporary beer and wine permit and hire a licensed bartender to serve the alcohol. 


If you would like to serve liquor, you will be required to hire a catering company that holds a three way liquor license. 

How do I schedule to come see the venue?

All tours are by appointment only. Please email us to set up a time to visit. We'd love to meet you!

Can I bring my own decor?

Yes! We encourage you to decorate the event barn and outdoor areas in a manner that reflects your style and personality. You can also rent decor from our online catalog. 

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